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Company Profile


General Description

Founded in 1971, APM is Employee-owned and operated. APM generates $20 million in annual sales with a focus on injection molding, finished goods assembly, and engineering.

Physical Description

  • 120 employees
  • 60,000 square foot warehouse
  • 6-bay loading dock
  • 50,000 square feet of production
  • 10 acres with room for future expansions
  • Certified to ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015

Molding Machines

  • 37,000 sq. feet with 42 injection-molding machines
  • 5 ton to 725 ton
  • 0.015 oz. to 110 oz.
  • Thermoplastics Processing
  • 3 axis robotics and fully automated work cells
  • Integrated Scheduling for MRP with "real time" production monitoring


  • 15,000 sq. feet of assembly space with LEAN manufacturing cells
  • Finished goods and sub-assemblies
  • Mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies 
  • U.L. listed manufacturing facilities
  • Capabilities ranging from basic kitting to complex mechanical assemblies with 100% electrical and mechanical testing

On-Site Mold Shop

  • 7,500 sq. feet, climate controlled facility
  • CAD / CAM
  • High-speed CNC machining centers 
  • 4 axis EDMs
  • Journeymen tool makers for tool design and construction
  • Fast and adaptable mold repair
  • Quick turn prototyping
  • 24 hour emergency service for repairs or modifications


  • SolidWorks design software 
  • Product co-development and design enhancement
  • Project/program management using Microsoft Project Central
  • VA/VE engineering
  • Mold flow analysis and CAE
  • Concept generation and testing

Supply Chain Sourcing and Management

  • Off-shore and domestic sources: extensive, proven, and established 
  • Value Stream Mapping of supply chain
  • 2nd Tier VMI (Vendor Managed Inventories)
  • Experienced in regulatory objectives compliances including NAFTA, BAA/TAA, IMDS, RoHS, C2C, BIFMA, REACH, etc.

Warehousing and Distribution

  • EDI capabilities
  • Kanban programs and custom warehousing
  • Drop shipment and distribution capabilities
  • Full implementation of bar-coding for material movement and inventory tracking
  • Serialized lot tracking
  • Satellite warehouses available

Our Quality Commitment...

American Plastic Molding is committed to:

Continually improving the effectiveness of our quality system in order to provide products and services that meet the requirements and expectations of our customer.

Our Environmental Policy

American Plastic Molding is committed to protecting the environment and will CARE by:

  • Conforming to compliance obligations and other applicable requirements,
  • Actively promoting the prevention of pollution through the fulfillment of environmental objectives,
  • Reducing the impact on the environment by reducing, reusing, recycling, and safely disposing of all wastes, and
  • Educating all employees on our policy and programs while continually improving to enhance environmental performance.

Rev. Date 01/09/18

uploads/file/Quality and Environmental Management Systems Manual - Rev_ Date 01-09-18.pdf

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