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APM + EDI = Equation for success!

APM is well equipped with a robust and mature ERP & EDI software partner. This enables most of APM’s orders to be received and processed automatically, directly feeding the manufacturing plant floor with work orders and material requirements.

APM serves a wide range of customers in this way, from automotive to furniture, and from Fortune 500 companies to the latest hot startup.

Capabilites include receiving and sending a wide range of transactions.

APM’s direct experience includes receiving daily orders, order changes, forecasts, and sending Advance Shipment Notices (ASN’s) and invoices.

We have well established experience with VANs as well as direct connections with customers.

Understanding the critical importance of timeliness of these transactions, we have automatic alert systems in place to notify appropriate people to prevent any potential problems from reaching or impacting our customers.

APM understands that a critical component of today’s lean markets requires a strategic investment in real time technologies, so that decision makers have as much real time info in their hands when they make their spend decisions.

APM understands that total customer satisfaction is not just about making and assembling quality parts, but includes getting the information right as well. In every process, from order entry to printing labels to the automatic two way electronic flow of info.



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