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LEAN Manufacturing Month!

 APM is celebrating LEAN Manufacturing Month in April with different activities each week to increase our knowledge and use of LEAN practices in every area of our enterprise.

The first week ended with three winners in the Value Stream Map contest! All managers were invited to submit a VSM on any process (work or personal) they wished, using all the tools and symbols and procedures of a good VSM.  

The three winners were:

First Prize: Joe Swaim for his very detailed VSM for making homemade rolls! (Now if he would just bring some to work with him...!)

Second Prize: Heather Witt for her excellent VSM detailing processes needed to eliminate an out-sourced process and bring it back "home" to APM. 

Third Prize: Anne Coates for her VSM showing improvements for making smoothies in her kitchen. She was glad to discover processes that could be improved to get that smoothie ready faster!

Next week's activity is TOP SECRET at this point....Monday we will get the facts!



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