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ISO 14001 Training Day

In pursuit of ISO 14001 certification, the employee owners of American Plastic all received training on responsible CARE of the environment yesterday in plant-wide training meetings. 

APM has a long history of CARE and respect for our environment and this training underscored that commitment. We reviewed our Environmental Policy, which states that we will:

Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and other requirements,

Actively promote the prevention of pollution through continued management of environmental aspects,

Reduce, reuse, recycle, and safely dispose of all wastes, and,

Educate all employees on our policy and programs while continually improving. 

APM currently recycles plastic resins, paper/corrugated products, batteries, water, oil, aluminum and other metals, wooden products, ink cartridges, computers and electronics, plastic bags and shrink wrap products.

APM recently installed new plant lighting that will reduce our electricity consumption for lighting by 20%...and the new lights are brighter andprovide better visibility too!

APM has two brand new molding machines whose servo drive motors will reduce electricity consumption 60% of the amount used by the older machines. 

A great day of training resulted in employee owners being ready to continue growing in our respect for the beautiful world God gave us to enjoy.



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