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Southern Mold new Wire EDM arrives!

 Southern Mold and Tool, Inc. recently purchased two new pieces of equipment.

We are excited to announce the arrival of an AccuteX Wire EDM and an AccuteX EDM Drill.

The Model of the Wire EDM is AL-560SA, it has 4 axis capabilities, and we have MasterCam X8 Software with the Wire EDM package, so as to utilize the Wire EDM’s capabilities.

Machine limits for the Wire EDM are: 22 in. X axis, 14 in. Y axis, 12 in. Z axis, with the industry's most reliable auto wire threader for lights out machining. The AccuteX EDM Drill will allow us to produce wire start holes in various hardened material from 0.004” diameter up to 0.1181” diameter.

This will enable SMT to do a wide variety of Wire EDM operations in all markets, inside the company, and outside the company.

Call us with your Wire EDM needs and or questions. 812.752.3333 ext. 266



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