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Quality Assurance Team

Quality Assurance Team


Quality is our middle name here at APM.

First of all, we make quality products. Every process is structured toward making our customers’ goods right the first time and we constantly improve our approaches and practices to ensure this.

Verifying the quality of our products is in the capable hands of our Quality Department. This well-trained, skillful group tests, measures, and certifies that our processes are working and we are, indeed making great products for our customers.

APM’s Quality Lab is equipped with:
• Omnimark Moisture Analyzer
• Color Spectrophotometer
• MacBeth Lighting Booth
• Gloss Meters for precision color matching

Our ASQC/ASQE Trained Auditors routinely participate in APQP and PPAP procedures:

APQP follows the Plan-Do-Check-Act procedures.

Samples submitted to the customer utilize the PPAP process Levels 1 through 4:

• Gage R & R – Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility. Assessment tool to verify measurement method, person, and gage capable of repeatable results.
• FMEA – Failure Mode and Effects Analysis: used to identify severity and risks of potential failures and to prevent failure occurrences.
• Control Plan – Document used to incorporate checks from the FMEA to prevent and detect.
• Appearance Approval – Document used to approve textures, colors and overall appearance.
• PSW – Part Submission Warrant: used to identify parts submitted, why, who completed and signature sign offs from the Supplier and Customer for approval.
• Process Flow – Document indicates flow of the process from placement of the order to shipment of the parts.
• Material Certifications – Supplier document verifying the content of the materials used.
• Lab Scope – Defines the instruments used in measurement and the method of validation for the instruments.

Our Quality Assurance team includes:

Joyce Walker, Quality Manager, 812.752.7000, ext. 249 jwalker@apmc.com

Bethany Johnson 812.752.7000, ext. 255 bjohnson@apmc.com

Kathy Burge 812.752.7000, ext. 229 kburge@apmc.com

Kristy Witt 812.752.7000, ext. 239 kwitt@apmc.com

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