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Floyd Coates

Floyd Coates

Founder (Past President 1971-February 16, 2012)

Floyd Coates founded APM in 1971.  As his company grew, he skillfully developed a team of seasoned managers and longtime employees, who work together to provide service and product that always exceeds customers’ expectations. 

As these leaders developed, Floyd delegated most of the day to day operations to this team of loyal employees, so he could focus his own time and energies on growth, innovation, and new opportunities. So while the employees of APM personally miss Floyd’s presence and his spirited contribution, the day to day business goes on smoothly in his absence, just as he planned and intended.

In 1994, Floyd added his wife, Anne Coates, to this team.  At first, she served in various roles behind the scenes, assisting Floyd with his responsibilities.  As Floyd began to delegate more and more responsibility to her, she quickly earned the title of Vice President.

Throughout their marriage of nearly 18 years, Anne was by Floyd’s side at executive management meetings, customer and banker meetings, as well as many other formal and informal meetings with employees at all levels of the company.  As a practical matter, Anne has been involved in all capital expense decisions and as well as having direct executive oversight of some areas of the company on her own for several years. 

Anne shares the vision and Christian values that Floyd spent a lifetime instilling at APM.  Honesty, integrity, hard work, and great customer service have always been and will continue to be the core values of APM.

Floyd lived his life well, and finished it well.  We are proud to honor his memory by continuing his legacy at APM.


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