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Sales and Customer Service Team

Sales and Customer Service Team

Sales and Customer Service

Having developed within the APM organization, our customer service team has over 60 years of cumulative experience with a wide range of industries. They understand your unique order fulfillment process as well as your products' manufacturing and freight logistics.
Each customer is assigned one customer service associate, so customers can have confidence that whenever they call, they will get someone who is knowledgeable about their unique needs. Our customers are constantly telling us the customer service team is the most accommodating and responsive among their vendor bases.
Our customer service team has been asked, "Who writes your paycheck?" and they respond, "APM." Then, "Who do you work for?" The resounding reply is, "We work for the customer!"
In a nutshell, this describes the style and quality of service each unique customer will receive from APM.

Our Sales and Customer Service team includes:

Lily Coomer, Team Leader  812.752.7000, ext. 226  lcoomer@apmc.com 

Renia Barger 812.752.7000, ext. 237  rbarger@apmc.com

Pat Neace 812.752.7000, ext. 238  pneace@apmc.com 

Janetta Campbell 812.752.7000, ext. 236 janetta@apmc.com

APM   965 S Elm St  Scottsburg, IN  47170-2173   Phone (812) 752-7000   Fax (812) 752-5155   www.apmc.com   sales@apmc.com